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Orange County Flyers, Inc. was founded in 1959, making it one of the oldest flying clubs in Southern California and is based in Orange County. This Orange County flying club provides local private pilots with affordable access to general aviation aircraft at John Wayne Airport (SNA) in Southern California. The original members formed the flying club to encourage interest in aviation; to promote safe and economical flying for its members, and to encourage and assist its members to advance in the field of aviation.  The flying club currently has 18 members who are looking to expand the flying membership and better utilize their club Cessna 172N, which is parked in covered tiedown spot # 246 on the west side of John Wayne Airport (SNA), Orange County, Southern California and meticulously maintained by California Aero Marketing. The AOPA listed flying club usually meets once a month at 7:00 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday at the Atlantic Jet Center on the East side of John Wayne Airport.  Check Next Meeting tab for details.  Are you thinking about joining a flying club in Southern California to learn to fly, increase your hours, or add an instrument rating?  Our current members include two active CFIIs and our rates are one of the best you will find of any flying club in Southern California, and flying around beautiful Orange County is truly hard to beat. If flying is in your blood - if flying is your passion - if flying was in your past but you wish you could fly again, or you want to make flying a part of your future, then this is the perfect club for you.  With Orange County Flyers, you can meet other pilots to discuss general aviation, be a part of a flying club that encourages you to actually fly, where the flying aircraft is under utilized so actually flying is always readily available, has flying instructors for you, and has the best rates of any flying club in Southern California, then don't delay.  Join today.

N3610E - The Cessna 172 owned by Orange County Flyers, Inc.


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27022 Cordero Lane
Mission Viejo  CA  92691 
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Tie Down:
John Wayne Airport
Orange County, California
TieDown# 246